Experience and educative game

Can you imagine never to hear voices, music, or sounds of the surrounding? How would you communicate without the words?

Come and try our adventure game NáZNAK, and experience in a playful and interactive way how it feels to be deaf. At the same time, you will learn how to communicate with deaf people and you will get some basic knowledge of Czech sign language too.

Do you have any idea how the deaf people get up in the morning without the help of a sound alarm clock? Or how are they able to perceive music? You will get to know a lot of interesting facts about the world of visuals and discover the power of your other senses.

Are you interested?

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What to expect?

Our adventure game takes about one hour to one hour and half, and it is divided into two parts.

In the first part, you will put on soundproof headphones and with their help you will experience how it is to be deaf, and at the same time you will need to complete some tasks without words or hearing, instead you will use gestures and mimics, and fingerspelling alphabet. 

In the second part, you will learn the basics of Czech sign language, which you can use not only in communication with the deaf, but also in practical life. How is your name signed? You will learn how to order a beer in the sign language, or what the signs for steak and husband have in common.

WHERE? Café Martin, Lupáčova 10, Praha 3
WHEN? Every first Thursday in a month from 17:00
FOR HOW MUCH? 500 CZK per person (20 euros)

Come and experience on your own.

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How did other participants like the game ?

"Wonderful, thank you, very instructive and beneficial, not just to realize such a gift hearing is, but at the same time to learn to understand the world of the deaf at least a bit. Professionally mastered and mainly, people in the NáZNAK are the the best :)"
– Petr, L'Oreál –

"Your experience game is great! We've learned a planty of interesting information and had a lot of fun, thanks for bringing us closer to a world of deaf people, which was totally new for us."
– Klára, Karolína, Honza –

"It was great to have the chance to experience how the deaf perceive music (especially through vibration) and also to test our own hearing."
Hana, L'Oreál –

"Thank you very much for letting me have a peek at the world of the deaf, itt was instructive and interesting. And hats down to the way you introduced this world, it's nice, funny, easy to understand and imaginative, not a lot of people could do it in such a way."
– Lucka –